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an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or group

The USA:

Has more foreign military bases than any country in world history. The number is estimated to be from 700 to over 1,000

Spends more on violence than the rest of the world combined

Has overthrown or attempted to overthrow some 60 countries since WW2, the majority of them democracies

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

US Officials Pathetically Pretend to Care About Jews While Backing Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis

In 2012, the EU Parliament officially warned of the Ukrainian Svoboda (led by Tyanybok, above) party's Racism and Anti-Semitism, and advised upholders of "democracy" to avoid association with or support for Svoboda. 

Last May, the World Jewish Congress designated Svoboda a "neo-Nazi" organization.

Obama and the USA have since simply been caught, multiple times over, fully associating with, backing and supporting the "neo-Nazi", "racist", "anti-Semites" mentioned above, in their bid to overthrow the government and dictate austerity and military policies that favor Western oligarchs and imperialists like Obama and his regime, and the people they represent. 

Denying this is pathetic.  It's fully documented.  

And yet now we have the cherry on top of the poison cupcake.  

Obama and the USA - the same people currently backing "racist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazis", are STILL pretending to care about Jews!

You almost have to laugh, but these people are so sleazy, evil and dangerous that you can't.  

A story came out 24 or so hours ago that Jews were being forced to register in Eastern Ukrainian provinces held by protesters, and Obama regime officials are shouting it from the rooftops, as is the US state media.  

If the story were true, we could all loudly condemn it.  But it has to be true, otherwise there's nothing to condemn.  

Turns out, as reported by the same Israeli sources that reported the story in the first place, it was simply made up.  There's no truth to it.

See here.

But say it was completely true.  Why start pretending to care about Jews now, while still backing the same anti-Semitic neo-Nazis they've been backing for several months (if not years)?  Obviously, because they don't care about Jews, they care about using propaganda to help them dominate Ukraine.  

If anyone thinks for one second that truth matters to the world's most violent liars, the officials of the USA and Obama regime, well, I feel sorry for you.  Start studying some Chomsky, and go from there. 

All the US officials are doing, as they do whenever they can, is lying.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. 

And US state media, such as NY Times, USA Today, etc., are of course the propaganda wing of the government, and are trumpeting this lie full force. 

The USA government and its state media know human nature.  They know a certain percentage of people are blind authoritarian followers, and will faithfully believe, as Saudis are supposed to do, anything their "authorities" say.  And what they always do is accuse their victims of doing what the USA is currently doing.

The Native Americans were aggressively attacking the colonists. Black people were for no reason aggressively murdering white people (in slave uprisings). Chinese railroad workers were plotting against the white masters. Skipping ahead, the Vietnamese were committing aggression against the USA, as were Muslims on 9/11, as were Iraqis, as are Syrians, as is Russia. And now it's not the USA backing neo-Nazis; it's the USA's victims. Right.   

We need to keep chipping away at the percentage of people who can be duped with these crude lies.  (Many US citizens still think the Native Americans were the aggressors...)   


I now simply refer to US corporate media as state media, since this major Princeton study has come out - the biggest of its kind to date - that shows the USA is an oligarchy, NOT a democracy.

The study looks at over one thousand seven hundred issues, and finds that when more than fifty percent of the public wants "their" government to do something, they only get listened to 30 percent of the time.  Less than a coin flip.  When more than eighty percent of the public wants "their" government to do something, they only get it 43 percent of the time.  Still less than a coin flip.  The people who get what they want are the top richest people - oligarchs - owners of corporations and conglomerations of corporations.  They control, and largely make up, the government.  That's an oligarchy, and that's what we live in.  

Corporate media are owned by the oligarchs, who own/compose the government.  That makes corporate media state media, and it should be referred to as such.  

(Studies for ages have shown that the US is an oligarchy, and it's incredibly obvious.  This new study is just bigger than all the other ones.)

(We also really shouldn't have to study issues at all to know the US is an oligarchy.  It was intended by the founders to be an oligarchy.  They created an oligarchy.  They also wrote one of the most brutal documents ever conceived, the US constitution, which mandated extermination of an entire race of people, as well as slavery, and disenfranchisement for most of the population, and led to millions upon millions of imperial murders, and a country that would become the world's top murderer, spy, and jailer.  It was far more brutal than a constitution like Iran's, post 1979 revolution.  If a country today implemented the US constitution as it was written, they'd be condemned worldwide.)     


Thursday, April 10, 2014

USA Always Accuses Others of Crimes It is Currently Committing

It is called the "Thief! Thief!" tactic.

When a thief is picking someone's pocket and gets caught, a tactic he can use to confuse bystanders is to shout "Thief! Thief!", accusing the person he is robbing of robbing him.

People who were watching the thief know this is just a crude lie.

People not paying attention may, indeed, think the thief, the criminal, is the one being robbed, or at least think there are "two sides to the story", or some such equivocation based on ignorance of what actually happened.

Today, the USA is, in its typically crude fashion, accusing Russia of using money to incite protests in Eastern Ukraine that are designed to separate Eastern Ukraine from the West, and possibly join it with Russia.

The crude, neo-con propaganda rag Washington Post has referred to the protesters as "rent-a-mobs", and the equally crude propaganda rag the NY Times has referred to the protesters as "drunks".

Conspiracy theories and pathetic ad hominem slanders are the best these sleaze-peddlers can produce, given both their ineptitude and lack of evidence that would substantiate actual arguments.

All of this is in service, of course, of the "thief, thief" tactic.

The USA has just been caught, red-handed, doing exactly what it is now accusing Russia of doing.

The difference is that the USA has actually been caught doing it.  Victoria Nuland bragged about spending five billion, yes, billion, dollars buying Ukrainian protesters (many of them fascists and neo-Nazis), and was caught on tape planning the coup and supporting fascist/Nazi groups that the EU officially warned in 2012 were fascist and anti-Semitic, and should not be associated with in any way.

The US mass media censored the nature of these groups and the USA's coup, but now tries to insult the Eastern Ukraine protesters by calling them "drunk".

Yes, it's so pathetic it's almost sad, but it's the best these people can come up with in service of their agenda of supporting US hegemonic expansionism.

The propaganda rags also leave out the little detail that these protests in East Ukraine are the effect of the US-led regime change operation that led to a heavily fascist/Nazi integrated junta seizing control of Ukraine, and then going around terrorizing and beating people up, including in the Ukrainian parliament.  

Professor John McMurtry here, in 2003, discusses the USA's "thief, thief" tactic:

U.S. state justifications always project onto the designated Enemy what the U.S. security state is doing itself. If it loudly condemns another weaker state's weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological weapons, violation of international laws, or attempts to impose its will on the world by terror, then we can deduce [though there is usually public documentation illustrating] that this is exactly what the U.S. is planning more of, but is diverting attention from by accusing others. Test this underlying principle with every international accusation the U.S. makes next, and you will find that it is invariable confirmed.

Indeed, each example is true.  Let's run through them and give just one or two (of the hundreds available) illustrations of each.

  • USA condemns others for weapons of mass destruction:
    • Iraq - USA, while falsifying reports that Hussein had such weapons, is the world's biggest stockpiler and user of such weapons.  USA was, at the time, slaughtering 1.7 million Iraqis through sanctions, a WMD, specifically targeting children and the elderly.  It had also provided Hussein, in the eighties, with such weapons, and helped him use them against Iran and the Kurds, killing hundreds of thousands.   
  • Chemical weapons:
    • While Obama said he would attack Syria because, as Obama lied, it had used chemical weapons, the USA is the world's biggest stockpiler and user of such weapons.  At start of Obama's presidency, Israel used US-provided chemical weapons to slaughter Palestinian civilians.  Obama then increased support to Israel.  
    • It turns out that Turkey and the terrorist "rebels" were the ones who carried out the Ghoutta chemical attack that Obama dishonestly accused Assad of doing.  (The USA has known for a long time.)  Obama has said nothing of this and continues to support the people who carried out this chemical slaughter of a hundred kids and a hundred adults, thus again crossing his own "red line".  
  • Biological weapons:
    • USA has carried out massive biological warfare against multiple countries, including Cuba, Korea, and Iraq, in the latter case killing millions. 
  • Violation of international laws:
    • The USA is the world's top violator of international law, as well as the world's biggest murderer, spy, terrorist state, and jailer.  
  • Attempts to impose will on the world by terror:
    • This is all the USA does, killing millions in the process.  The USA has worked to overthrow at least 62 governments, most of them democracies. 
      • It also happens that the USA's "will" results in mass impoverishment, illiteracy, starvation, and - what a coincidence - massive enrichment for the people doing the enforcing at gunpoint.

The USA is not even that clever.  The only things it has going for it are lies, simple trickery, censorship, and the perception of "leaders" as "authority" figures.

Since Obama is perceived as an "authority" figure, when he says Assad gassed people, a lot of people just believe him because of a human instinct towards blindly following one's perceived "leader".  This is an evolutionary trait that is found in other animals, like monkeys and dogs.

It is a neanderthal aspect of the human mind that can and must be overcome, because, as we know, people like Obama are opportunistic liars and demagogues, who take advantage of this base human instinct to get support for their mass murder, conquer, and looting campaigns.

The methods employed by the "authorities" are extremely crude.  They use simple lies ("authoritarian pronouncements"), censorship, and a perception of "authority" maintained by cultivating a certain look (suit, tie, other regalia), and manner.

Overcoming these crude tactics is a simple matter of independent research and awareness.  

Peacefully resist demagogues like Obama.



Friday, April 4, 2014

Obama Has Assisted Overthrow or Attempted Overthrow of at least Nine Countries

In previous posts, I have compiled documentary records of Obama's many attempts, all 100% illegal acts of war by a massive military empire, to overthrow or assist in the overthrow of various weaker countries.

I had arrived at the number of overthrows as being seven, but I always said "at least" seven.  This is because there could easily be more overthrow attempts being carried out in secret.  This, as easily predicted given US history of about 62 overthrows, turned out to be correct.

In addition to the seven governments (five democratic) that Obama was already known to be waging war against by trying to overthrow them, we can add Cuba, due to this new revelation:

The US Is Still Trying to Overthrow the Cuban Government

Of course, Cuba should actually have been added to the list already, since Obama has continued the USA's illegal, genocidal sanctions against Cuba, in defiance of all of planet Earth.  The last vote at the UN against the USA's illegal sanctions, in 2013, was 188 countries to 2, the two of course being the criminal, the USA, and one of its major criminal partners, Israel.  From the declassified record (discussed in books such as Hegemony or Survival), we know that the point of the sanctions is to inflict harm on Cuban civilians (mass terrorism) in the hope of making them starve, become angry, and overthrow their government.

So that makes eight overthrow operations by Obama. 

And, actually, I would add one more: Afghanistan.  

As white masters used to slaughter hundreds of slaves after slave uprisings, to show slaves who was boss and keep them terrorized, subservient, and profitable, the USA slaughtered thousands of Afghans, mainly civilians, after 9/11, to show Afghans and others who is boss and keep them terrorized, subservient, and profitable. 

Even though Obama didn't start that war, he massively expanded it from 30,000 troops to over 100,000, continuing the post-invasion war-aim of trying to rid the country of the regime installed by the US, the Taliban, and supported until the Taliban became uncooperative on energy projects.  Obama has since restarted the energy projects through the second regime installed by the US (projects which were the reason for the US invading Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia, where almost all the hijackers came from, and which is, according to the white house, the world's biggest supporter of the terrorist groups involved in 9/11).  

Thus, Obama has overthrown or attempted to overthrow at least nine countries, most of them democracies.  

It is also worth remembering what Obama and the USA hate about Cuba, and why they are trying to use subversion and terrorism, in open defiance of the rest of the world, to overthrow the Cuban government.  This is easily done by comparing Castro with the dictatorship that was in Cuba before him, the Batista dictatorship

The USA was in love with the Batista dictatorship.  Why?  Same reason the USA loves any of the dozens of dictatorships it supports.  Under Batista, the USA literally owned much of Cuba.  Cuba was a cash machine for elite US owners, giving extremely cheap resources and labor from a destitute population held down at gunpoint by the fascist Cuban/US dictatorship.  

The US ambassador in Cuba was considered the second, and actually also even the first, most powerful person in Cuba.  Rivers of money flowed into the pockets of sleazy US elites who love to use men with guns to maintain the impoverishment of entire peoples, including starvation wages and no human services of any kind, because that means all the money that would be going to those things goes instead to the owners.

Castro, horrified by what the Cuban/US dictatorship was doing to people, overthrew it, kicked out the US fascists, and diverted massive amounts of money into starting human services for Cubans.  People became literate and living and health standards shot up.  

That's what the USA HATES.  The USA, under the horrible war-criminal Kennedy, immediately began terrorist operations to overthrow the monstrosity that had ruined its personal cash machine. (Note that it was not the fact that a coup was carried out that the USA was opposed to; the USA carried out and supported dozens of coups, just as today Obama supports Ukraine and Egypt, both juntas.)

The USA has invaded Cuba, waged biological warfare against it, waged major terrorist attacks against it and harbored the terrorists, tried to murder Castro almost seven-hundred times, and waged a 60 year long campaign of terrorist sanctions against Cuba, ongoing at this moment and maintained by the war-criminal and terrorist Obama, in defiance of every country on our planet.     

Always under assault by the biggest military state in history, Cuba has at times, though not any longer, closed its borders.  It drew criticism from the US for this, but also criticism from the US (namely the war criminal "Bill" Clinton) for opening its borders.  All the while, the USA massively supports (among countless other unspeakable atrocities) Israel as it lays siege to Gaza, the world's biggest open-air prison.  

The USA picks on the weak because it can, to benefit the people doing the bullying, US company and stock owners.  

The weak can't really do much about it, except maybe band together and become strong, which we may slowly be seeing in the form of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

To check the predator-country the USA, we need an international system of equality that makes it impossible for the USA to prey on people. 

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